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A lady holds her hand out to train her labrador dog

Surrey Dog Training

Positive Reward Based Training for a Calm & Well Behaved Dog

Adult Dog Obedience Training (1+ year)

Owning a dog should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, however, can feel like hard work when your dog is showing problem behaviours. That's why the training I teach is ethical, positive and reward based. This training builds up a strong connection between you and your dog which further enhances your relationship and the trust you have in each other.

With commitment to training, your dog can be:

Rectangular graphic of a diagram showing a human telling its dog to sit and the dog sitting
Rectangular graphic of a human figure holding its dog on a lead whilst the dog politely interacts with another dog
Rectangular graphic of a human figure standing with a dog next to it, the human is teaching the dog to heel

One to One Dog Training Surrey

Discover exceptional positive dog training, tailored specifically for you and your beloved canine companion. Embracing a warm and welcoming approach, my one to one dog training services are designed to ensure your dog's journey towards good behaviour is as smooth as possible.

In our sessions together, you can learn to teach your dog how to sit, stay, leave and drop on command. In addition to that, your dog can learn to curb bad behaviours such as stealing, chewing and barking unnecessarily.


Walking your dog can become a more pleasant experience as they learn to walk nicely beside you, reducing the need for tugging on the lead. It's this, along with learning to come to you when called that can make your walks a more enjoyable experience.

Photo from behind of a lady with short hair walking her dog on loose lead in a woodland area

What one to one dog training covers:


By identifying the reason behind the unwanted barking, you'll gain the ability to help your dog understand when it is and isn’t appropriate, ensuring your neighbours can breathe a sigh of relief.

Loose Lead Walking

Enjoy stress free walks with your dog as they learn loose lead walking. Say goodbye to tugs and pulls!


Experience the trust and reliability your dog needs to come back when called, even in distracting situations.

Dog Jumping up at a man.png

Jumping up and Over-Excitement

I'll help train your dog stop jumping and greet guests politely without making them uncomfortable.

A Lady with a white shirt holding up her hand to train her black and white big dog to sit


Unlock the potential for clear communication with your dog as it learns commands such as: Sit, Stay, Leave, Drop, Down, Eye Contact.


Save your furniture and slippers from chew marks as your dog learns to stop it's chewing habits.

Good with other Dogs

Teach your dog to be polite and calm with other dogs that it meets.

Stealing Objects

Say goodbye to chewed-up shoes and missing socks as your dog learns to resist the urge to grab your stuff.

Client Testimonials

All sessions were conducted in a professional manner, they were tailored to specific requirements, and instructions were reinforced to guarantee full understanding. Each session was followed up with helpful training notes and as sessions progressed techniques were tweaked in accordance to Joey’s needs.


Significant progress was made with Joey’s behaviour in the home and although he still has issues outside I now have techniques in place to tackle his behaviour.


Katie Brill crouching behind her dog
Writing Paper

Meet your Dog Trainer: Katie Brill

I have been working with dogs for more then 21 years having started my journey at Battersea Dogs Home. After seeing first hand how training has such a direct impact on rehoming, I set up my own business as a Dog Training Instructor. In fact, you can see just a few of my many adorable clients in my gallery.


As a proud member of the ABTC (Animal Behaviour Training Council) and PACT (Professional Association of Canine Trainers), you have the assurance that all training is modern, ethical, scientifically proven and reward based.

All training is hands-on, with a strong emphasis on your active involvement. I'll equip you with the knowledge and skills to continue reinforcing the training, securing your dog's lasting good behaviour.

Adult Dog Training FAQ's

Where does the dog training take place?

My dog training is based in Surrey (UK), I am based in Walton-on-the-Hill , but as the training takes place either at your home or at a local park to you, I am happy to travel within Surrey.

How long does the  dog training take?

All dogs are different which is why we offer training sessions by the hour. However, most dogs need 4 sessions, so we offer a 10% discount if 4 are pre-booked in advance.

What age is this dog training for?

Your dog should be 1 year or over, anything under that then we recommend our puppy training.

Does your dog training cover obedience?

Yes, obedience training is a big part of this dog training. 

How much is dog training?

Please scroll down to see our prices. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

Ready to get started?

Dog Training in Surrey Cost:

One off session

Face to face - £70

Zoom - £50

Per hour

2-3 pre-booked sessions

5% Discount

4+ pre-booked sessions

10% Discount

Close up of a black labrador dog's face which looks happy with it's tongue out

Other Dog Training Options

I also offer dog training over Zoom if you are not in the Surrey area. Remote dog training is offered at a discounted rate, but can be just as effective!

To find out more, please contact me, or use the button below to book a call.

Is your Dog Struggling to Settle when Alone?

Are you trying to build up time that you leave your dog alone, but finding it a struggle? Does your dog howl, bark or cry when you are absent? Are you returning home to find your belongings have been destroyed or unexpected 'surprises'? 

I'm one of only a handful of separation anxiety trainers in the country and would love to help you regain your freedom! Please take a look at the separation anxiety page for more info and feel free to get in touch.

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