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Giving Love, Care, and Attention

P​et Care Servic​es 


Pet Boarding

Taking the stress out of planning your holiday

As an alternative to boarding kennels, Katie Brill PDT offers home boarding.

With a pre-meeting for your peace of mind you will be able to enjoy your own holiday, knowing your dog is being cared for in a loving household with all the creature comforts and routines they are used to. All we ask is that you bring all of your dogs belongings including food, toys, bedding, medication etc.

Katie Brill PDT is fully insured and a member of the National Association of Registered Dog Sitters. 

We hold a 5 star boarding license with the local council and certified in Dog First Aid through Animal Aiders 

​Pet Boarding

Bank Holidays

Xmas Day and Boxing Day

New Years Eve and New Years Day

£30 per calendar day

25% extra

Double Rate

50% extra

Our fees are calculated according to the number of days (not nights) that a dog is resident. To avoid change over days, the days of departure and arrival are calculated as entire days regardless of arrival and departure times


Dog Daycare

For dog care while you're at work or out for the evening. Our doggie day care service can take place either in our home, or within your own home.

Full Day

Half Day




Dog Walking

We only walk a maximum of 4 dogs at any time, Dog walks can be walked in a group or individual basis.

We offer an additional free of charge service where you can receive a notification email showing where your dog has been each day, and photos of the enjoying their walk.


1hr group walk

30 min group walk


1hr 121 walk

30 min 121 walk







Comfort Care Breaks

As an alternative to dog walking, we can pop in and spend some time with your dog. This service is ideal for young puppies, and dogs who can no longer walk far.

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1 hr visit - 1 dog

30 min visit - 1 dog

15 min visit - dog




Additional charges apply for additional pets, bank holidays and weekends. 


Cat F​eeding

As an alternative to catteries, Katie Brill PDT offers cat feeding visits. Following confirmation of your booking, a pre-meeting will take place for your peace of mind. During this meeting, we will discuss your cats requirements, and any additional services you may like, including watering of plants, switching on lights etc.

1 visit per day

2 visits per day

£12 + mileage

£18 + mileage

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