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Separation Anxiety Dog Training

Freedom to confidently leave home, knowing your dog is comfortable alone.

Online separation anxiety training will help your dog:

Separation anxiety training helps your dog: stop barking
Separation Anxiety training helps your dog: stay calm
Separation Anxiety Training helps your dog: Cope well without you

Meet your Separation Anxiety Trainer: Katie Brill

Katie Brill and one of her dogs Nala
Official Certification as a certified separation anxiety trainer for dogs

Katie with one of her dogs, Nala.

I am very proud to be one of only a handful of Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers (CSATs) in the UK. I've been trained and mentored by Malena DeMartini, a bestselling author and international speaker on Separation Anxiety.


It gives me great joy to watch your progression week on week as we work together in helping your dog feel more calm and overcome their separation anxiety. I have 21 years experience working with dogs and would love to hear from you if you would like to book a free chat to discuss your dog's separation anxiety issues.

Your Dog has a Phobia

Does this sound familiar? Your dog’s separation anxiety is having a huge impact on your life. Your dog is stressed whenever you leave the home which leads it to bark, toilet or chew. You're feeling guilty whenever you go out, and rushing home so that your dog is not alone too long. It's just so frustrating to feel like you have lost your freedom and may have even had thoughts of regret in getting a dog.

Your dog is not doing this on purpose! Separation anxiety is in a fact a form of phobia that presents itself in some dogs, and is not due to anything they you have done as an owner. This phobia results in your dogs experiencing a panic attack when left on its own. This is why through every step of our training together, I am there to make sure your dog can cope and feels safe and secure.  

Typical signs of a dog with separation anxiety

A White dog barking at home
A brown and white dog chewing furniture
A small dog looking up having urinated on the floor at home
A dog closing its eyes looking stressed as the owner holds its head to comfort it

& if that wasn't enough, your neighbours are complaining about the noise!

Anxiety Training for Dogs

I understand that you care very much about how your dog feels when you leave the house. It's often just as upsetting for you as it is for your dog. That's why I work so closely with you to customise a plan that eases your dog's anxiety to help it feel calm & relaxed throughout our entire training together.

Taking your dog from this:

A white fluffy dog howling by the window at home

To this:

A White fluffy dog looking relaxed and sleeping at home

Separation Anxiety Progress: Cookie

From under 30 seconds to over 1 Hour!

I have been working with Cookie for 3 months now. In her initial assessment, Cookie started barking and howling around 20 seconds after her owners left the house. Her progress over the weeks has been incredible, she is now happy and settled to be left on her own for over 60 minutes - meaning that as a first milestone, her owners are able to pop to the local shops and do the school run without worrying about Cookie.

Client Testimonial:

Cookie has shown amazing progress since starting Separation anxiety training with Katie. She used to howl as soon as we left the house, but now she is calm and we can leave her on her own a little more with each passing week!

Katie is both knowledgeable and passionate about her work with dogs. She tailors the training specifically for my dog and gets to know her mannerisms and how to push her limits without ever making her feel anxious or stressed. I definitely recommend Katie Brill PDT!

Jo (owner of Cookie)

Separation Anxiety Progress: Duke

From under 5 seconds to over 18 minutes

When Duke had his initial assessment, he was barking within a matter of seconds of his owner leaving the house. It's been a pleasure to watch him transition from a very anxious dog into a much calmer, confident dog who is now able to stay on his own for over 18 minutes! Together with the owners, I continue to work with Duke and build on his progress with tasks that will move him closer to being free of separation anxiety.

Client Testimonial:

We have a 3 year old dachshund who does not like to be left at home alone. He barks and whines constantly. I was given Katie's details and we've been training with her for a couple of months now. Katie's method is exactly what I had been looking for. A fully structured program that is very clear and easy to stick to with results which are progressing week on week. So happy we found Katie.

Victoria (owner of Duke)

Separation Anxiety Progress: Nala

From under 30 seconds to over 50 minutes

When Duke had his initial assessment, he was barking within a matter of seconds of his owner leaving the house. It's been a pleasure to watch him transition from a very anxious dog into a much calmer, confident dog who is now able to stay on his own for over 18 minutes! Together with the owners, I continue to work with Duke and build on his progress with tasks that will move him closer to being free of separation anxiety.

Tailored for you & your dog

No two dogs are the same, and dogs with Separation Anxiety will demonstrate distress in different ways whether this be through vocalisation, destruction or toileting. 


My separation anxiety training is tailored to your individual dog, and It's for this reason that I invite you to book a free call with me. Discussing your dogs habits, behaviours and triggers is the first step towards living a life without worrying about your dog when you go out. This enables me to create a specifically tailored training plan for you and your dog, and as we work together over the weeks, the plan will adjust accordingly depending on how well your dog progresses.

Book a call below - it's time to get your freedom back!

An owner holds the paws of her white dog in her hands

Separation Anxiety Training: What you Need to Know

  • Separation Anxiety training is done 100% remotely (via Zoom or Teams), meaning I can help you wherever you are in the world. 

  • Working remotely allows me to observe your dogs individual behaviour whilst in their natural environment. 

  • Using a method called Systematic Desensitization,  your dog will learn that being alone can feel secure and safe.

  • We start with an initial assessment, after which I will create a personal plan for your dog with daily goals.

Each separation anxiety dog training package is 4 weeks and includes the following:

An initial assessment via Zoom (60 minutes)

5 personalised training plans a week

1 x live reassessment via Zoom each week.

Data tracking, to identify trends in behaviour.

Help setting up Zoom (if needed).

Support when you need me.

A Golden Retreiver dog looks out of the window looking relaxed
Yellow paw prints

Its time to get your life back

As an owner of two dogs myself, I know you want your dog to be happy, calm and not feel anxious every time you leave it alone. After all, it doesn’t just affect your dog, it affects your entire family, and limits you from doing the things you want or need to do.


It’s important to be able to feel relaxed when leaving your dog alone, whether that be to do the school run or your weekly shop.

Secondly, it’s important for your dog to feel safe and secure when left alone, and not feel anxious and worried every time you put your shoes and coat on.

I tailor my online dog separation anxiety training specifically to your individual dog. My daily guidance will help you and your dog move forward with their separation anxiety journey.

It really is time to get your life back! Book a free call today and let’s make that happen

Katie Brill sits on the couch with 3 dogs

Katie has 21 years experience working with dogs

Remote Dog Separation Anxiety Training Cost

Initial 4 week package: £475

Subsequent 4 weeks: £450

+ Commitment to work on your personalised plan 5 days per week

Commitment to not leave your dog alone for longer than it can cope with whilst we are working together. This doesn't mean your dog needs to be with you at all times, they just can't be left alone. 

Separation Anxiety Dog Training FAQ's

How long does separation anxiety training last?

We book in 4 week cycles with daily tasks and weekly zoom assessments.

Where does dog separation anxiety training take place?

Although I am based in Surrey, I can help you with separation anxiety for your dog wherever you are in the world! The reason for this is that separation anxiety training is all online. It is much more effective for treating your dog as It allows me to observe your dog's natural behaviour and body language within your home without my presence changing the natural home dynamics and causing your dog to act differently.

Will my dog be cured after 4 weeks?

As separation anxiety is a form of phobia, all dogs experiences are different. I therefore cannot guarantee the speed of recovery in your dogs anxiety. During our training, we will gather vital information about your dog to aid us going forward.

What do I need to start separation anxiety dog training?

The most important thing is commitment and patience as you will be given daily tasks to complete. Other than that, just a computer with good internet connection and a web camera.

Ready to get started?

Learn More in my Dog Blog!

There are a number of myths surrounding separation anxiety-related behaviours which can create a lot of questions on how to manage the condition. In this blog post addressing separation anxiety, I will be discussing 6 of the most common.

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