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A lady joyfully plays with her dog  during training

Katie Brill
Positive Dog Training

Raise a happy, confident and well mannered dog from puppyhood and beyond!

Unleash Your Dog's True Potential & Transform Your Life

Imagine a life where you and your dog share a bond of mutual respect, and create a strong connection based on trust and love.

This is the life that awaits you when you partner with Katie Brill - Positive Dog Training. With over 21 years of experience, I've helped countless families transform their lives by nurturing deeper understanding between them and their canine companions.

My Dog Training falls into 3 Categories:

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Positive Dog Training Specialist in Surrey 

Hi, I'm Katie and I LOVE all things dogs!

I live in Tadworth, Surrey with my husband, son and our 2 dogs Logan and Nala (who you can see below).

Katie Brill's dog Logan
Katie Brill's dog Nala
Surrey dog trainer Katie Brill sitting on the sofa with her dogs

How my Journey into Dog Behaviour Began

I started my career at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, where I worked as a Rehomer and Puppy Behaviour Assessor. During this time I quickly discovered my passion for animal behaviour and how it was a direct link into animals arriving into the home. This was the beginning of my journey into studying canine and feline psychology and how, through truly understanding the needs of your pet, you can build a mutually strong and respectful relationship.

I thrive on understanding dog behaviour, and the way that they communicate with us. In order to continue learning, I attend relevant seminars where possible as I think its important to have a growth mindset with so much information available in the industry. 

Take a look at some of the feedback I've had from my clients

Katie talked us through training techniques to start, and after a couple of sessions we met at the park for some hands-on training, which we found very useful. We would say Stanley is still slightly nervous but he is a whole lot better than he was.
Katie also gave us advice on separation anxiety which Stanley suffered from, but I am pleased to say this is no longer an issue.

Tracey (Behaviour consultation)

What can you expect from Katie Brill - Positive Dog Training?

I aspire to create a positive environment where your dogs will be properly cared for and trained well. To do this, I will provide your beloved animal companions with personalised services to address all their individual needs. For me, it is not just about ensuring their safety and well-being. I want your pets to live a healthy and happy life they deserve.

German Shepherd Dog Sitting

I provide the following Services:


Other Services

Positive Training with Peace of Mind

The safety and wellbeing of your dog means everything to me. For this reason I hold many licenses, insurances, credits and certifications to give you peace of mind that I strive to provide the very best care and training for your dogs.

I am:

  • Fully Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

  • Fully accredited with the ABTC through PACT

  • A licensed "Be a Tree" presenter with Doggone Safe

  • Accredited Trainer with Canine Assisted Learning

  • First Aid Certified

  • Fully insured with "Pet Business Insurance"

  • 5 Star Licensed with Reigate and Banstead Borough Council

  • References available upon request.

A small dog wearing glasses and a tie sitting at a laptop

Embrace a Life Free from Separation Anxiety

If your dog struggles with separation anxiety, you know the heartache of witnessing their distress and the frustration of dealing with the destructive behaviours that often accompany this condition.

It doesn't have to be that way!

As one of only a handful of CSAT qualified separation anxiety trainers in the Country, you can finally say goodbye to those worries and embrace a life of freedom and peace.

CSAT Logo_edited.jpg
Dog causing destruction with a ripped up pillow
A puppy sits next to the puddle it just made

Experience the Joy of a Well-Trained Puppy 

Envision a world where your puppy effortlessly becomes a part of your family, bringing smiles and laughter instead of frustration. How much of a relief will it be when they are house trained and not chewing your slippers and using your carpet as a toilet?

My positive puppy training is based in Surrey, where I can either help you train your dog at your house or at a nearby public park.

I use positive reinforcement training, a gentle and reward based method that fosters trust and encourages your dog to learn with enthusiasm. My methods are tailored to each dog's unique temperament and learning style, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for both you and your furry companion.

Personalised Adult Dog Training Based in Surrey

A lady with a bag of dog treats issues a command to her obeying dog

Fully Licensed & Certified Dog Trainer

5 Star Service

I hold a 5 star license with Reigate and Banstead Borough Council

License name: Mrs Katie Brill

License Number - 19/04286/AWHB

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